The BSCNZ in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has entered into an Industry Partnership where the BSCNZ will be the Work Broker for the Commercial Cleaning Industry in the following areas;

  • Northland
  • Auckland
  • Waikato
  • Nelson
  • Canterbury.

The contract commenced 1st September 2019 and BSCNZ will work with MSD to identify and assess candidates suitable for work in the commercial cleaning industry, matching the screened candidates with our member work vacancies.

To assist with promoting Commercial Cleaning careers to those currently on benefits, MSD and BSCNZ have jointly funded the production of two short videos highlighting opportunities for Commercial Cleaners in New Zealand.

Finding “fit for purpose” workers for our industry is viewed by many BSCNZ members as one of the most significant issues facing our industry, and we are certain that this new partnership with MSD will provide some positive steps towards addressing labour shortage issues for BSCNZ members.

The BSCNZ’s Work Broker will screen potential candidates to ensure they:

  • Fully understand the requirements of the role
  • Have the physical attributes required to undertake the role
  • Are willing and able to work
  • Have the required level of written and oral communication skills
  • Have sufficient literacy skill to read, understand and follow instructions
  • Are willing and able to train towards a national qualification, relevant to the role with support from their employer
  • Have the necessary transport to get to and from work
  • Have undergone a Ministry of Justice check
  • Facilitate the provision of driver training, if applicable

In addition to screening potential applicants the program will also

  • Facilitate the application of the flexi wage subsidy
  • Assist the candidate to complete and submit their application for Level 2 commercial cleaning certificate
  • Provide a qualified assessor facilitate and verify training

Any BSCNZ member who partakes in this program will commit to:

  • Sign a Members Registration form agreeing to the terms and conditions of the program and return to BSCNZ
  • Advise BSCNZ of any employment vacancies
  • Provide a minimum of 30 hours of paid work per week for each individual
  • Agree that the new employee will enroll in the Careerforce level 2 cleaning qualification
  • Release and pay the new employee to complete the training program 
  • Monitor the new employees progress and support them with their training and workplace induction
  • Provide the necessary progress reports to BSCNZ in a timely manner when due

Click on the links below to view our commercial cleaning videos:



If you are an existing BSCNZ accredited member please download the attached form, sign and email to  Janine will be in touch to discuss your recruitment needs.